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SK Wrap Arounds Driving Goggles 1777

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protective glasses with UV400



Can be worn on myopia glasses

The special card slot design can be easily worn on myopia glasses.

  • 【Polarized Lenses】 The lenses reduce irritating reflections and glare caused by light reflected from surfaces such as water, road, sand or snow. They absorb 100% of UV light and eliminate 99% glare light. This allows for you to safely enjoy all the sights you want whether you’re playing sports or taking a leisurely stroll
  • 【UV Protection 100% UVA&UVB】 Protection against the sunlight, filtering 100% of all UVA/UVB/UVC and Harmful Blue Light Up to 400nm. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light, cut all glare and protect eyes perfectly
  • 【Oversize Wrap Around Glasses Design】 This fit over driving glasses can be wear over your prescription glasses,But your frame width can’t longer than 145mm (5.71in) . Maintaining our original emphasis on comfort, quality and visual performance. Ensure your driving safety
  • 【High Quality】 The weight of polarized sunglasses just about 0.74oz, you can hardly feel them on your face. Meanwhile, the sleek and durable frame guarantees the comfort of your wearing. These frame and lens are very durable,unbreakable, scratch proof,impact proof.This is a good partner for your eyes,it is the best Christmas gift for family, friends and lover