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LIXX Clips Anti Blue Light Glasses 908

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anti-blue ray glasses

Anti-blue lens clip

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  • ANTI BLUE LIGHT -This computer glasses can effectively block ultraviolet radiation, provide UV400 protection and filter harmful blue light (wavelength is between 280nm-780nm). Low color difference, it is suitable for people who work long hours on computers, tablets, games, on the phone or on TV.
  • Clip on Glasses -Good blue light blockers in a clip on flip up style that stays on glasses. These glasses filter out the blue light from the TV, computer ,reading and phone
  • Light Weight -Clip firm and these lenses are light as a feather with a minimalist design. The last thing you need is to add more weight and bulk to your glasses
  • Bright & Clear Lenses -These are designed to pass as much non-blue light through as possible. There is no dark tint and they are not polarized