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LIXX Cateye Glasses Gold Glasses 9579

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Anti blue light lens

blue light blocking

Product detail description

Product detail description

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  • 【BlUE LIGHT BLOCKING LENS】These cateye blue light glasses lens protects your eyes by filtering out of the harmful High Energy Blue Light while letting through the less harmful portion of the blue light spectrum. including UVA and UVB radiation. It also keeps your eyes healthy as you explore in the sun. Low color difference, it is suitable for people who work long hours on computers, tablets, games, on the phone or on television.
  • 【IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY】Wearing this blue light glasses can protect your eyes all day long. Our blue light glasses can effectively block the harmful blue light emitted by smart devices such as mobile phones and computer monitors to improve eye fatigue and headaches caused by harmful blue light, and improve sleep quality.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS】These cat eye style blue light blocking glasses are made of reinforced metal frames, soft silicone nose pads and durable spring hinges, all quality details ensuring perfect performance. The soft silicone nose pads can be adapted to different nose shapes. Reduce the load on your bridge of the nose and create a new sense of fashion.
  • 【COMFORTABLE TO WEAR】Skin-friendly silicone, prevents allergies and is non-slip. It's so lightweight and cute.Provide a comfortable wearing experience.lightweight and durable. These stylish blue light blocking glasses are well suited to both small faces and large heads thanks to adjustable temples and nose shields. You can wear our glasses for long periods in front of digital screens or on your next trip out of town.