Sheen Kelly Vision

Vintage Johnny Depp Round Sunglasses Tint Lens Nerd See Through Glasses

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  • 🌞SUPER STAR SAME STYLE -- Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr. 's favorite glasses style! Retro design with classic black square frame, vintage metal rivets on both sides,fit any face shapes. Wearing this retro classic style glasses will bring you different feelings.
  • 🌞POLARIZED BLUE TINT LENS -- Just right light blue,block UVA UVB rays, soft vision, reduce glare. Not all turn to black, can be worn indoors and outdoors all day.
  • 🌞LIGHTWEIGHT DURABLE DESIGN -- Ultra Lightweight、TR90 material, only 21g. flexible durable and strong, long time wearing without pressure. Portable.It has the characteristics of super toughness, impact resistance and abrasion resistance, and low friction coefficient. It can effectively prevent the eye and face from breaking and rubbing the frame during exercise the damage caused.
  • 🌞COMFORTABLE TO WEAR -- Flexible material bring cute looks, suitable for women and men, light weight, comfortable fit, super durability, the sunglasses suit for everyone's face. Wearing sunglasses has never been more relaxing, secure and comfortable than NOW!