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SK Rectangle Polarized Tony Stark Sunglasses D1948

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1-Never clean your sunglasses with paper towels or clothing, which can leave scratches.Just use clean water and included cloth to clean it.

2-Never leave your sunglasses under car's front window, especially in summer. Prolonged exposure to the oven-like temperatures inside a car can degrade the lens.



  • Polarized lenses-Polarized sunglasses reduce glare from roads, water, snow, and other horizontal surfaces, restore true colors, eliminate reflected and scattered light, and protect your eyes perfectly.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – SHEEN KELLY sunglasses is made of high quality material that is durable enough for long time using. They are suitable for any climate and weather conditions.
  • PERFECT ALL ROUNDER – SHEEN KELLY sunglasses is the perfect choice for outdoor activities such as walking, driving, shopping, travelling, taking photos, and is suitable as high fashion accessory and daily wear all year round.
  • Whether you are partying with friends, shopping, outdoor activities, vacations, or just want to protect your sight while driving, these styles provide the perfect match, bringing you personality and difference.



Textured temples, light texture, bright color, make the frame more line

Comfortable nose-pad

Comfortable nose pads, curved lines, fitting nose bridge, smooth and shiny, no indentation


Good hinge, bright color, smooth and smooth, tight and flexible

SHEEN KELLY's sunglasses are specially designed for you!

Colorful for your choice

SHEEN KELLY has a wide variety of glasses, which have a variety of colors, unique design, large size, and can also bring a sense of security and fashion when matched with clothing and hairstyles.

[TIP! ] Great gift idea

Ultraviolet rays can damage our eyes and even cause eye diseases that cannot be underestimated. Our sunglasses can greatly reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes and are the best gift for the holiday!


  • Ultra-light frame: Wear this SHEEN KELLY sunglasses for a comfortable and stylish feel.
  • Oversized frame design, suitable for parties, photos, best gifts.
  • Made of high quality materials. This is very safe for you.